The Rubik’s Cube of Shipping

Somewhere along the line the parcel industry morphed from the simple world of picking up and delivering packages to a galaxy far, far away where acronyms, abbreviation and monikers converge with initiatives, agendas and accelerated growth to create a sea of complication and mystification.

The Biggest Myths Of Parcel Shipping

So you thought you had a pretty good handle on the parcel industry. Well, maybe you do! But my hunch is that you, like so many people I meet, have some misconceptions about parcel shipping. Let’s clear some of the air.

Standard Practices

United Parcel Service has been making it a point to inform us that they are delivering packages faster than ever before.

Shipment Integrity For Parcels

Replenishment logistics promotes inventory reduction through more frequent and lower quantity orders. This shifted replenishment from LTL to parcel carriers and has brought increased attention to shipment integrity.


With every new year comes personal resolutions. Spend more time with family and friends, lose weight, invest for retirement, quit smoking and get better organized are all annual favorites.

Ready, Set, Plan

Every time the United Parcel Service/Teamster labor contract comes due for renewal, the memories come rushing back and I laugh to myself.

Is The Residential Surcharge Justified?

A frequently question asked of me by companies shipping parcels is, “Why do parcel carriers charge more for residential deliveries?” The standard reason they have been given in the past is, “Because it costs more!” But does it?