Our Carrier Rate Analysis is an engineered, carrier cost-based method which enables you to reduce your parcel shipping expense. We provide you with a thorough analysis of your parcel characteristics the same way the carriers evaluate your business and, for the first time, you will know whether you are receiving the proper level of discount for your business.

Our proprietary pricing software accurately computes the cost your carrier incurs to service your business and calculates their profit margin. You will receive a detailed, written strategy for successful carrier negotiations which includes the discount levels you should be receiving for each service and accessorial based on your unique parcel characteristics.  

You’ll be armed with valuable “insider” information so you can negotiate from a positive position of knowledge by knowing, in advance, what discount levels your carrier can offer. The power of our analysis is founded in our carrier-based knowledge acquired through upper-management carrier experience. We know how parcel carriers think and what discounts are available to you. We share that valuable knowledge with you! Plus, we will assist you throughout your rate negotiations. And despite what you may believe, you don’t have to change carriers to get better rates.

We’ve saved the best for last: You Can’t Lose! You have no risk. There is absolutely no cost for the analysis. We only earn a fee if we save you money – money that you are already sending out each week to your carrier’s pocket. You owe it to your company to get the “inside advantage”….so you are sure that you’re getting rock bottom rates from your carrier. 

When It Comes To Reducing Your Parcel Shipping Costs Only One Name Stands Out