• We are industry experts in carrier pricing – from the carrier side of the equation.
  • Our proven analysis of your shipping characteristics will tell you what profit margin your carrier earns for servicing your business.
  • We don’t benchmark your carrier rates against what the carriers offer other companies. That’s a waste of time. No other company has your company’s shipping characteristics.

Until now, you have relied on what your carrier’s sale representative tells you or simply guessed whether you are getting the rates your business deserves from your carrier. Your days of wondering are over – we will tell you if you are overpaying your carrier.

Are you ready for the truth?

In order to negotiate the best possible rates, you need to know how much profit you contribute to your carrier’s bottom line, what is their profit margin on your business, and how much discount they can afford to offer while still earning a comfortable profit.

How can you be absolutely sure you’re getting the highest possible discount from your parcel carrier?