Parcel Rate Solutions is a leading provider of parcel and express carrier rate analysis and negotiation strategies for clients nationwide. Our engineered, innovated, time-tested, and unrivaled approach to parcel and express rate analysis and negotiation strategy provides long-term cost reduction for our clients.

Founder and President

Joe Loughran is President and a 35-year veteran of the parcel industry.  He joined Roadway Package System, Inc. (now FedEx Ground) during the company’s research and development phase in 1984 and served as a Corporate Officer and Vice President of Operations Planning and Engineering. Joe’s expertise in carrier pricing, operations, tactical and strategic planning, and engineering were instrumental in the company’s phenomenal growth.

Mr. Loughran earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Administration and Management Science and a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Science degree in Operations Research from New York University – Tandon School of Engineering.

Driven By Relationships

Every effort we undertake, analysis we conduct, and strategy we create is designed to provide our clients with increased profit through cost reduction.